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MFES Student Handbook » Dress and Grooming

Dress and Grooming

In keeping with the Wilkes County Schools Dress Code, our students are expected to conform to good taste and non-disruptive type dress. All rooms are air-conditioned and students should dress accordingly. The school administration has the responsibility and right to determine what is disruptive to the school environment. These decisions will be made in accordance to, but not limited to the following guidelines:
  • Students may not wear articles of clothing which display or promote advertisements of alcoholic beverages, drugs, language and/or pictures offensive to other individuals or groups.
  • The law requires shoes to be worn at all times. No baseball or football shoes or helmets, or headgear are permitted inside the school building. Students are not to bring and/or wear caps, hats, toboggans, hoods or bandanas, or any other item considered to be headgear inside any school building.
  • Tennis shoes or sneakers will be required of all students participating in physical education classes.
  • All shorts, pants, and skirts should be a modest and non-distracting fit and appropriate for the student’s physical development.
  • Pajamas are not allowed.
  • Additional dress requirements may be made of students who come to school with inappropriate clothing and/or appearances that are disruptive to the learning environment.
  • Exposed undergarments are not permitted.
  • Visitors should also adhere to our school’s dress code requirements.
  • All staff members are responsible for enforcing the dress code.