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MFES Student Handbook » Cafeteria Behavior/Guidelines/Prices of Meals

Cafeteria Behavior/Guidelines/Prices of Meals

  • Students are to practice good manners in the cafeteria. Running, pushing, kicking, tripping, breaking in line, throwing food, tampering with other students’ food, popping milk cartons, or other disruptive behaviors will not be tolerated and can lead to silent lunch and/or suspension.
  • Students must talk in low voices. When several classes are gathered, even soft talk produces much noise.
  • Students are to pick up all food and utensils as they go through the serving line. Students are to remain seated during meals. Feet are not to be on seats.
  • Students are to use good table manners. This includes picking up and cleaning up all items dropped.
  • Students who bring lunch from home are to remain with the group and follow the same procedures and regulations.
  • No shellfish or products containing shellfish are allowed on the campus of MFES.
Federal and state law prohibits student use of carbonated beverages during regular lunch hours. Please do not allow your child to bring these beverages to school. According to federal law, no food or drink from other businesses is to be brought by parents, students, or staff into the cafeteria.
Wilkes County Elementary and Middle Schools will participate in the Community Eligibility Provision (CEP) for the 2023-2024 school year. CEP is a provision under the 2010 Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act that permits qualifying school systems to serve a free breakfast and free lunch to all students in attendance. Every student will be permitted to go through the reimbursable meal line and eat both breakfast and lunch free of charge. Every student will be required to pass through the point-of-sale (cashier) for each meal, and extra items, such as a second milk, additional servings, or ala carte foods, will still require cash. The online prepay option will still be available to allow parents to budget their student’s ala carte purchases and avoid the need of sending cash to school. If a family chooses to opt out of CEP the meal prices below will apply to the student for meal purchases.

Breakfast and lunch prices for the 2023-2024 school term are as follows:

Student Breakfast:  $2.00
Elementary Lunch:  $3.00

Adult Breakfast:  $3.25
Adult Lunch:  $5.00