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MFES Student Handbook » Personal Valuables & Prohibited Items

Personal Valuables & Prohibited Items

Do not bring large sums of money or valuable items such as jewelry to school. Every effort will be made to teach honesty and protect your property. The school will not be responsible for any lost or stolen items and will not make efforts to recover these items.
The following items are not permitted at school:
  1. Guns or Knives: It is a violation of state and federal laws to carry guns, knives, or other concealed weapons on school grounds.
  2. Fireworks: State and federal laws prohibit the selling or use of fireworks on school property.
  3. Skateboards: For safety reasons, and insurance liabilities, skateboard, wheeled skates, or sneaker skates are not permitted at school.
  4. Fidget Spinners, radios, boom boxes, electronic or battery powered game devices, CD/MP3 players, laser pointers, cameras and other electronic devices deemed inappropriate by school personnel are not permitted on school grounds except on special occasions designated by the school, such as field trips, festivals, reward days, etc.
  5. Rolling book bags are not permitted.
  6. Chewing gum may not be chewed at school.
  7. Cell phones may not be seen or heard during school hours (see WCS policy 4304).