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MFES Student Handbook » Accelerated Reader Program

Accelerated Reader Program

Students in grades 2-5 will participate in our school’s Reading Counts Program on a quarterly basis. The Accelerated Reader Program measures students’ reading comprehension progress and assigns points based on level of text difficulty.
Each quarter students will be assigned an AR Goal based on their grade level and reading level performance. Our school’s Literacy Action Committee holds a special reward for students who meet their quarterly AR goal. Students who successfully meet their AR goal for the entire school year (all 4 quarters) will also receive a special end of year reward as determined by the school’s Literacy Action Committee.
In the event that a student “cheats” on an AR test, provides another student with
answers to questions on an AR test, or takes an AR test for another student, the immediate consequence is loss of the quarterly reward and removal of any AR point credit for the test for all students involved in the incident. The student(s) would also be disqualified for the end-of-year AR reward. This disqualification applies to any instance of AR cheating, whether the student cheated by receiving answers from another student or by providing answers to or on behalf of another student in order to help them cheat.